function about (name, phone, email) {
// Elizabeth Conrad
phone: "(513) - 252 - 1157"
email: "ecconrad at uw dot edu"

function graduate (university, major) {
// The University of Washington (Dec 2020)
M.S. in "Computational Linguistics" (4.00/4.00)

// Relevant Courses
📐 Grammar Engineering for NLP
🔍 Shallow Processing for NLP //tokenizing, sentence boundary detection, POS tagging
🔬 Deep Processing for NLP //parsing, Context Free Grammars, semantic analysis
🧮 Advanced Statistical Methods for NLP //Decision Trees, Naïve Bayes, MaxEnt, SVMs, Neural Networks
📦 Natural Language Processing Systems and Applications //multi document summarization end-to-end system
🩺 Clinical Natural Language Processing
📝 Syntax for Computational Linguistics //HPSG, Headed Phrase Structure Grammar
📕 Phonetics
📗 Morphology
function undergrad (university, major) {
// The University of Alabama (Dec 2018)
B.S. in "Computer Science" with double major in "Spanish" (3.92/4.00)

// Relevant Courses
🎞 Formal Languages and Machines
💻 Programming Languages
💾 Databases
🎛 Testing and QA
🖥 Operating Systems
🔐 Security
🎨 Interface Design
📚 Spanish Linguistics

function research_intern (title, organization, city) {
// University of Pennsylvania (Philadephia, PA)
"Undergraduate Research Intern" (May 2018 - August 2018)
>> Created a Mongo database of over 270k registered clinical trials from ClinicalTrials.gov to organize condition, intervention, and outcome data
>> Built and deployed a MERN app that cleanly visualizes the data, allowing easy viewing of interventions and outcomes per condition
function developer_intern (title, organization, city) {
// 84.51° (Cincinnati, OH)
"Developer Intern" (May 2017 - August 2017)
>> Worked in an agile team to build a web application for conducting long-distance technical interviews in real-time
>> Developed using Angular2 for frontend, Spring Boot for backend, and MongoDB for data storage
function quality_assurance_co_op (title, organization, city) {
// Rheem Americas (Montgomery, AL)
"Quality Assurance Co-Op" (May 2015 - May 2017) //three semester-long rotations
>> Developed the Automated Voucher Pay system, reducing the time to process warranty claims by 67% and allowed the reallocation of two employees to other positions
>> Implemented a new process for data entry of defective Marathon water heating units, creating $17k in savings and allowing a reallocation of one employee to a new position

function masters_thesis (institution, goal) {
// University of Washington
"Inferred Morphology Ambiguity Reduction" (June 2020 - Present) //to be completed in December 2020
>> Working to reduce the ambiguity of the output of the MOM system, which takes IGT data as input and infers the morphology of the given language
function hiaki_implemented_grammar (institution, goal) {
// University of Washington
"Hiaki Implemented Grammar" (January 2020 - March 2020)
>> Worked on an HPSG grammar for Hiaki, implemented various linguistic phenomena //morphology, determiners, pronouns, negation, yes/no questions, wh-questions
function universal_concept_vectors (institution, goal) {
// University of Alabama
"Universal Concept Vectors" (September 2018 - December 2018)
>> Worked on adjusting the existing Word2Vec algorithm to create 'universal concept' vectors that contained information for a particular word across multiple languages
function improved_ui (institution, goal) {
// University of Alabama
"User Interface Improvement" (September 2018 - December 2018)
>> Selected an existing user interface (Wendy's nutritional information navigation) and worked to design an improved version using ReactJS
>> Can be found here

function technical_skills (skill, proficiency) {
function natural_languages (language, proficiency) {
English (native)
Spanish (advanced)
Korean (intermediate)

function scholarship_award (title, organization) {
// University of Alabama
"Hyosung Scholarship Award"
>> Awarded to students with outstanding academic performance in the Korean Language Program at UA
function developer_award (title, organization) {
// Rheem Americas
"EtQ Innovation Award"
>> Awarded by EtQ for noteworthy innovation on Reliance, their Quality Management Software